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46 Centuries in a year

My 52 centuries a year quest was stopped by an injury to my left leg so I was only able to complete 46 centuries this year.   Hopefully, I’ll be back on the bike soon.

On nearly all my rides I capture the route on my GPS (currently an Edge 705) and I take pictures of the participants and a few scenery shots.  Most of the albums are at my Picasa albums page but some are in the Almaden Cycle Touring club gallery on SmugMug.

Below is a brief summary of each of my 2010 centuries with the most recent ride at the top:

#46 on 14-Nov – Part of the Hollister Permanent with Ken Emerson.  Photos of this 119-mile ride at this link.

#45 on 30-Oct – Old Tierra Bella – 105 miles led by yours truly.  Photos at this link.

# 44 on 23-Oct – Skyline Ramble 200K – 125 miles with my good buddy, Ken Emerson.  This is the 11th month in a row where Ken is riding a randonneuring event toward his R-12 Award.  I’m happy I was able to accompany him on part of his journey.  And this only represents about 25% of his riding for the year.  This ride started in Santa Cruz went to Freedom up to Los Gatos through Corralitos then up to Skylonda for lunch followed by a screaming descent down Hwy 84 to San Gregorio.  From there it rained all the way back south to Santa Cruz as we rode through Pescadero and Davenport.  There weren’t many other cyclists out there but we did run into Andrea Symons as she was heading north just outside Pescadero on the Pizza Century.  I only took a few photos due to all the rain.

# 43 on 16-Oct – Reverse Mt Hamilton – 123 miles led by yours truly with photos here This was one of the toughest of the year with 10,500 feet of climbing.  On top of that I’ve gotten into a bad habit of not doing a lot on my bike between the centuries so conditioning is not where it should be.  By the time I got to the back side of Mt Hamilton I was gassed but had to trudge my way to the top.  Paul Metz had been with me for the prior 30 miles but I told him not to wait on me since my legs were feelin’ it.  I was really happy to make it to the Lick Observatory at the top to take some photos and grab a candy bar and a coke.  …

Solvang Century 2010

After a great Solvang Century in 2008 I thought I could make an even better go of it.  In 2008 I completed the ride in 6 hours, 30 minutes; 5:50 in the saddle.  A combination of less power in my legs this year and strong headwinds it took me over 7 hours total time and 6:18 in the saddle.  Shows I need to rev up the training rides as much as I have the distance rides.

Millie and I drove to Lompoc Friday afternoon for a night’s stay in the Day’s Inn.  The hotels in Solvang were nearly fully booked several months ago with the only rooms being much more expensive than they were worth.  After arriving in Lompoc I drove the 20 miles to Solvang to pick up my registration packet.  The crowds were huge with at least 3000 of the 4000 people arriving at about the same time.  However, it was very smooth and fast.  I spent a few minutes checking out all the booths of the cycle stores, health food vendors, and a variety of other interesting cycle-related businesses.  …