ACTC Century led by Brian

 A year ago I joined the Almaden Cycle Touring Club which was an excellent decision since I’ve met a lot of great people among the 1000+ members and ridden many miles with club members.  This ride was no exception as Brian C led eight of the ACTCers from Los Altos into the hills west of Cupertino.  A…

Furnace Creek 508 – 2007

 Team Zorilla (the African desert skunk) set a new team record on this this challenging ultra-distance ride.  See maps, my computer output, and photos here.  Our team of Marnel, Laura, Barry, and yours truly (Lane) set a new team record of 32 hours 47 minutes, bettering the prior record by about 20 minutes.  Even with that improved…


Whenever I figure out what I’m going to write I’ll put something up here about my favorite new tool, MindManager.  Well, it’s not all that new to me since I’ve been using it for about six years.  But it’s the newest cool tool I use.  Check out the quick tour at MindJet’s Website. .