March 2018 Plans

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In June 2017 I retired from Seagate and I began a conditioning program where I rode my bikes, ran, and worked out in our basement. I started at 205lbs and by Thanksgiving I was down to 190. Unfortunately, I slid back into old habits over the holidays and now on March 1st I’m up to 207lbs and have lost much of the conditioning. 

Now I’m getting back on track and plan to work hard again this month, April, and May. I’m preparing for the five-day, 418 mile Ride the Rockies event which I’ll talk about more in upcoming posts. The 25,935 feet of climbing sounds like a few too many. I plan to take photos on each of the six treks through the mountains and hopefully post them each night from the hotel room where I’m staying. I couldn’t bring myself to camp each night like some of my friends are doing.

My main goal this month is to bike and run at least four or five days a week, increasing the distances of both as the days go by.

Legion of Honor 70 miler

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20130825_115239After Brian Chun showed me this route I’ve made a few changes taking some of the brutal climbs out of the route. The next time I’m leading this one is Sunday, April 9th rolling at 9:00AM. We’ll start from the Pioneer Hotel in Woodside at 2925 Woodside Rd in Woodside.

Photos from the last few times I led this ride are here, here, here, herehere, and here.

This is a link to the RideWithGPS route (you can download your GPX or TCX file from this link) and this is a link to the Excel Route Sheet.

This is a great ride with a long stretch on the Sawyer Camp Recreation Trail and great views from the California Legion of Honor including the Golden Gate Bridge.

Bridge Darters 200K

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On June 6th at 7AM I’ll meet up with Karin Weller, Barry Schwartz, Robert Sexton, and Ken Emerson at the Starbucks in Fremont near the BART station to ride the San Francisco Randonneurs’ Dart. Our team name is Bridge Darters since we’ll be crossing three bridges on our way to Berkeley: Dumbarton, Golden Gate, and Carquinez.

This is the RideWithGPS route we’ll be following and this is a link to the route sheet. Along the way we’ll be filling out these   brevet cards.

Half Moon Bay 100K

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I created this route so I could have a 65 mile ride up to Half Moon Bay and back. The route sheet is at this link and this is a link to the RideWithGPS route.

Century 52 BBQ

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On October 26th I’m leading a ride from the Pueblo Day Use Area in Santa Teresa County Park.  We roll at 8:30AM and there will be a BBQ at the Pueblo Day Use Area starting at around 3:30PM.  We’ll be serving chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, veggie burgers, all the typical condiments, a variety of salads, and desserts.  There will be plenty of water, sodas, and a few beers.

We’ll follow this RideWithGPS route and this Excel route sheet.  There will be bailout points where two right turns and two left turns will get you back to the park if for some reason you can’t do the full route and make it to the BBQ in time.  For a more formalized short route I’ve created a 60-mile RideWithGPS route with this 60-mile route sheet.

Dan Connelly created a 60-mile southern route on RideWithGPS that Cara Coburn will be riding.  You might want to join her if you’re doing the shorter version.  This is a link to the south side 60-mile route sheet.

I’ve created an Evite for people to sign up so I can get a count for the BBQ.  If you didn’t receive the Evite please go to this link to sign up or send a note to me at so I can add your name to the list.

Directions to the Pueblo Day Use Area: from 101 in south San Jose take the Bernal Rd exit. Head west on Bernal for 2.8 miles then turn left on Drive to County Girls Ranch Rd and follow it for .3 miles to the ride start.

pueblo use area

The ride starts and ends here

ACTC Ice Cream Social 57-miler

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This RideWithGPS route will take us from the Jack in the Box at Santa Teresa and Cottle south to Morgan Hill then north on the Coyote Creek Trail and over to the Guadalupe River Trail to the Ice Cream social at Leigh and Hamilton in San Jose then back to Jack in the Box via Meridian, Coleman, & Santa Teresa.

You can print this turn-by-turn route sheet ahead of time but I’ll have some with me at the ride start.

Running in 2013

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So far, the only organized running event I plan to run this year is Wharf to Wharf in July which I hope to run in under 50 minutes.  To do that I need to be in better running shape so I’m starting a series of running challenges.

The first challenge is 30x30x60 – 30 runs of 30 minutes or more over 60 days.  January 1st to March 2nd.

The second challenge is ??

The Parkers at the 2012 Peachtree 10K

In high school I ran the mile and the 2-mile and kept running/jogging for the next 25 years until my boss Bob Sanekoff at Dataquest had hip replacement surgery.  Bob was a life-longer marathon runner who obviously wore out his hip with all the running.  That’s when I decided to run less and bike more but I still enjoy running and decided this year to get back into better running shape.  Wharf to Wharf here I come.

Winter Solstice Ride

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wintersolstice2The Winter Solstice ride was originally a Double (aka 200 miler) first conceived and ridden by the Bikeaholics in 1997 and has come and gone over the years.  For the past few years most of the riders have been doing the abbreviated 110 mile version but there still are maniacal 200 milers in our midst.  The next incarnation of this event is being led by yours truly on Saturday December 19, 2015

There’s a $10.00 fee requested to pay for lunch at Pinnacles (mile 100 for the 200M route and mile 55 for the 110M route) & SAG and $5.00 for the 70-milers for SAG. Register online here:

WS Register Button

The tried and true 200M RideWithGPS route is at this link and the Excel route sheet is at this link.  There is also a GPSIES version of the 200M route.  The 200 milers launch at 5:00AM from 3965 Olga Drive, San Jose.  Please let me know if you’re riding the 200M:

The 110M RideWithGPS route which is in the middle of the 200M route is at this link and the Excel route sheet is at this link.  There is also a GPSIES version of the 110M route. We’re rolling at 7:30AM from Christmas Hill Park in Gilroy.  The park is supposed to open at 6:00 but last year they didn’t open it until around 7:30.  I’ll be there at around 7:00.

The 70M RideWithGPS route for the folks who just don’t have the time or inclination to ride so far is at this link and the Excel route sheet is at this link.  There is also a GPSIES version of the 70M route. 70 milers also start at 7:30AM from Christmas Hill Park.

Photos from 2012 I took are at Picasa.  In 2011 photos taken by Guy Bautista are at this link and the 2010 version I took are here.

There’s minimal support along the way, including a water and snack stop at Christmas Hill Park, Gilroy, and at Pinnacles turnaround point. We request $10 for lunch, SAG, and ACTC insurance (i.e., join the club).  For the $10 fee, see the register link above.   The weather should be great for this one.

Los Gatos to Big Basin 60 miler

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From time to time I need to check out the Big Basin Park, especially following the Santa Cruz Mountains Challenge when I don’t have time to enjoy the area.  The next time I’m leading this ride is February 28, 2015.  Rolling from Los Gatos Park n Ride at 9AM.

Photos from the last two times I led this are here, here, and here

This is a link to the RideWithGPS route.

This is a link to the Excel Route Sheet.

See you there.

Reverse Mt Hamilton

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I’ll add the RideWithGPS route and cue sheet soon.

20 Feb 2015