Category: Century Rides

Santa Cruz Mountains Challenge

This is one of my favorite centuries and it travels through some of the most scenic areas of Northern California.  This year the ride director was my good friend Maura who did a great job putting the ride together.  It was nearly cancelled until she stepped in to save the day.  As usual, the ride was well supported…

Sequoia Century 2008

Started off on this one on my own but ran into Laura J from work and a couple of her friends at the second rest stop.  It was a good ride but I’m not a big fan of spending much time on Highway 1, the cars drive by too fast and dangerously.

iCare Classic 100K

Rode this one on my own and was originally hoping to knock out two centuries in a row but it didn’t pan out since it was so hot on the southern end of the ride near Hollister.  It was close to home and over terrain that I ride frequently.  Good to be in familiar territory.…