Month: February 2010

SFR Two Rock Valley Ford 200K Brevet

This was almost a no-go for me since it had been raining all night and most of the drive up to the Golden Gate Bridge.  (I hate riding in the rain).  The rain subsided just long enough for the 83 riders to register.  And then it rained for the next few hours, all the way up to Petaluma.  We were soaked by the time we arrived at the first check point on the road.  I hate that!

Back to the beginning…as usual I didn’t sleep well the night before a big ride and the sleep was disturbed by rain pounding on our house.  I couldn’t stop imagining myself soaking wet on the bike.  Time finally came for me to drive over  to Ken’s house so we could load the bikes into his big white van…at 5AM!!  We parked at Crissy Field at 6:15 in time for registration at 6:45 and launch at 7:00.

While waiting for launch, Ken checked out Barley’s fancy little fixie.  I can’t believe he can ride something like that and keep up with people on real bikes.  Barley is the man.

Rob Hawks gave his usual inspiring speech and imploring us yet again not to do anything stupid.  I did some stupid things during the ride but I don’t think anyone noticed, thankfully.  After the invocation, we were off to points north just as the rain picked up again.  …