Tour de Max – 2007

TdM GPS Route For the third year in a row I participated in this ride put on by Tom Yonker to honor his late wife, Max.  I added a few miles here and there to turn the 100K route into a 90+ miler for UMCA century credit.  The worst part of my addition was 4 miles of Highway 1 headwinds from Gazos Creek to Bean Hollow.  It was nice and cool throughout this ride unlike the killer heat the day before out on Mines Road.  This was my biggest weekend mileage with 113 on Saturday and 94 on Sunday. .

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  1. Maura -

    ah you should’ve come with Bill and I! We turned south on Hwy 1 and had the wind push us back to Santa Cruz. Then you could’ve ridden back to your car. 🙂

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